Léon Roks, Standdaarbuiten

International Barcelona 2017 winner with his “DON LEO”

Léon is for many years a super strong player in both the multi-day NPO flights and the ZLU. Over the years, Leon has worked on a powerful foundation strain that is based on top pigeons that come from Leo Kouters, Cees Luijckx, Theo de Jong, Cor de Heijde and Henk de Weerd.

The heavier the flight the better and in hard weather he can hardly be beat. At the lofts of Léon Roks there are powerhouses that take on the heaviest fligths perfectly. The old Oostenrijk pigeon, strong construction, great muscles and a handsome appearance. Blocks of a pigeon in the hand, but light weight that never give up. Via his friend Leo Kouters many pigeons have come into his family and “DON LEO” is here of course the most powerful exponent of that.

An overview of my base pigeons:

Top listings from 2011

The top 100 placings are huge in number and in 2017 Léon put the crown on his work by writing his name on the classic from Barcelona. With his “DON LEO”, a 7 year old widower who won 1e International Barcelona 2017 against 17.094 pigeons. And his “DON LEO” was not on his first test piece because he played a series of great prizes together on the marathon races including a 1e Dax against 1.880 pigeons and a 13e National against 8.398 pigeons.

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