Over the years Léon Roks has built up a beautiful list of references. Below is a random selection of these acknowledgments to Léon:

► C. van Beek from Etten Leur with a 61e NPO Bordeaux
► Ant. De Jong from Noordhoek 13e NPO Dax
► Nico Meeusen from Roosendaal 5e champion pigeon Brabant 2000
► J. v. Vlimmeren en Zn. , Jan Veeken, R. van Baal, Gebr. Van Peer and so on.

► Also by his father M. Roks of Standdaarbuiten is a topper of Léon with a 26e NPO Tarbes, 86e NPO Dax, 134e NPO Bergerac, 143e NPO St. Vincent, 147e NPO St. Vincent and so on.

In 2018 there were several beautiful references:
► Ad van Hout, Made: 33e NPO Agen
► Dick de Jong, Sprang-Capelle: 4e NPO Agen and 9e NPO Perigueux
► Cees van Beek, Etten-Leur: 10e NPO Bergerac
► Frederic de Scheemaeker, Ezemaal (B) and Gero Dijk (Alblasserdam) are very satisfied with their new pigeons from Léon.

‘De 331’ of Comb. De Pijper from Hoeven is bred by Léon. She won in 2018 27e national Barcelona 2018 (75e international against 15.700 pigeons).

For 2018 of this pigeon:
2e NPO Daxc against 1.266 pigeons
9e NPO St. Vincent 1.745 pigeons
15e NPO Dax against 1.234 pigeons
27e NPO Tarbes against 1.177 duiven
39e NPO St. Vincent against 1.746 pigeons
224e NPO Bergerac against 3.425 pigeons
269e NPO Bordeaux against 3.371 pigeons
450e NPO Cahors against 2.713 pigeons
9e National Champion Pigeon 2016
2e Champion Pigeon Brabant 2000 in 2016
15e Champion Pigeon Brabant 2000 in 2017

A whopper!!!