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Strain pigeons

In the pigeon strain of Léon Roks, pigeons from his friend Leo Kouters play an important role!

His pigeon strain is built up with pigeons from top fanciers: Leo Kouters, Cees Luijckx, Theo de Jong, Cor de Heijde, Ina Roobol and Henk de Weerd. These pigeons are mainly seen on heavy races. The foundation is laid with pigeons from Hein Oostenrijk, via Leo Kouters. These pigeons are known for their toughness and never ending motivation. With Leo, now living in Thailand, Léon still has weekly contact via Skype. He has taught Léon the tricks of the natural system.

There are still several 100% pure Leo Kouters pigeons in the lofts of Léon. For example, a top racer and 100% Leo Kouters is CODE ROOD. A fantastic racer and has already won many top prizes at the marathon.
Léon has him on the list to basket at Barcelona in 2019. Who knows..?!

In the meantime Léon has built up a strong colony by flying and breeding with passion for years. And has delivered great performances over the years on the NAT / NPO and ZLU races.

With the top spot of course the 1st prize International Barcelona with DON LEO.